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Back to List ENGL 309-01 Creative Writing: Poetry TR – Mc CARTY CRN 12315 This course is intended for students who want to develop and expand their skills in writing poetry. Students will explore a range of poetic genres and immerse themselves in the reading and writing of poetry. Class sessions will be devoted to the discussion of poetry, creative invention and writing activities, and student presentations and readings.

The other aspect of this process was the conflict between settler Europeans and indigenous Australians. Newcomers wanted the same resources the indigenous had used for thousands of year.

You can read more about The Writing Platform in this introduction by Editorial Director, Kate Pullinger. Kate Pullinger, Editorial Director Writer and Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media, Bath Spa University Donna Hancox, Senior Editor Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing and Literary Studies, Queensland University of Technology Yiota Demetriou, Editor Visiting Fellow, Centre for Culture and Creative Industries, at Bath Spa University Amy Spencer, Editor Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Centre for Culture and Creative Industries, Bath Spa University Simon Groth, Editor Writer, editor, and former director of if:book Australia Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research.

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If your students aspire to travel the world or move to an English-speaking country, this is a fantastic way to practice listening comprehension and asking/responding to questions. This game can sharpen communication skills, preparing them for a job interview or coffee with an English-speaking friend. Level: Lower intermediate and up Focus: Writing, listening and speaking If you ever had a ton of fun with Mad Libs around a campfire, why not share that fun with your ESL students? This game tests their knowledge of grammar and parts of speech, and the results are hilarious. If you’ve never played before, here’s how it works: each Mad Libs story has blank words for you to fill in (you’ll be choosing “nouns,” “adjectives,” “emotions,” “places,” etc.) and you only get to read the full story you’ve picked your words. has pages upon pages of Mad Libs puzzles that are great for teens.

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