Vitamin D Day is Just
Around the Corner!

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is all over the news! One day it prevents cancer, the next it treats eczema, the third, Olympic athletes now take it, the fourth that it saved the New Zealand’s flightless parrot, the Kakapo, from extinction, and then it sometimes “cures” autism!

vitamin d day

November 21st
Vitamin D Day

Few people understand the crucial role that vitamin D plays in keeping them alive, minute-to minute. Even fewer people suspect they’re deficient.

Vitamin D Day was created to:

  • raise awareness,
  • understand how it works,
  • and seek solutions.

What Can You Do About It?

It is possible to make a difference. In fact, we need your help! You can fight the problem of vitamin D deficiency by:


about vitamin D and the profound way it works.


others on what you have learned.


in the effort to spread awareness.


The first step toward making a difference is quite simple: learn!

The more you know about vitamin D, the easier it will be for you to make healthy choices that promote adequate vitamin D levels.

The more you know about how vitamin D works, and how without it your body simply can’t fully work, the more motivated you will be to follow through on those healthy choices.

And understanding how common vitamin D deficiency is in today’s indoor world will inspire you to share your new knowledge with those around you.

Commit to learning more about vitamin D by picking up a book on vitamin D at your local library or reading articles on a reputable website. You can even have important information about vitamin D delivered straight to your inbox by registering with the Vitamin D Council!

Educate & Participate

Get proactive about sharing what you know about vitamin D, how it works and vitamin D deficiency!

This starts by simply having conversations with people that you know and care about. Or it could mean learning together as a family — for example, by reading a book or taking the vitamin D test together.

Organisations are in a special position to promote awareness about vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency. By printing off vitamin D materials, sharing vitamin D facts, and posting the vitamin D calendar in a visible place, schools, businesses, and not-for-profits can make an impact starting in their own communities.

Sharing your experiences on social media with the hashtag #VitaminDDay will also help spread awareness around the world!

Last, but not least, donate to an organisation that first recognised the unseen devastation D deficiency causes 15-years ago, the VDC. Back then, pretty much alone, Dr. Cannell formed the VDC and settled on three tactics: 1) increase vitamin D testing, 2) increase vitamin D supplementation and 3) increase vitamin D research.

Their work is well underway and they’re no longer alone. The VDC continues all three tactics today: 1) get tested, 2) take at least 125 mcg/day and 3) tell your elected officials that only one vitamin D study is now needed, a dose-finding-study. Believe it or not, the US Government has still never funded the one simple study for inexpensive vitamin D that it requires of  all expensive prescription drugs: “What is the proper dose?”

Sponsors Of Vitamin D Day!

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Vitamin D Council

The Vitamin D Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, entirely virtual, nearly insolvent, bare-bones activist organisation headquartered in California, founded and run by an autistic physician, John Cannell. The VDC is the world’s oldest, largest and most heavily trafficked vitamin D website. One of autism’s symptoms is repetitive behaviours: Dr. Cannell’s has written 30 academic papers, 1,700 blogs, and 16,000 web pages all on only one thing, vitamin D. Barely surviving a hostile Board takeover attempt in 10/17/18, the VDC continues educating patients, families, doctors and health professionals on vitamin D: what it is, how it works, the 3,000 things it does, and why you can’t afford not to take it.


Vitamin D Society

The Vitamin D Society is a Canadian non-profit group organized to: Encourage all Canadians to be proactive in protecting their health and have their vitamin D blood levels tested annually.It funds valuable vitamin D research.


How would you like to win $2,000.00 and support vitamin D at the same time?

All you need is $2.00 and sign up for our “best vitamin D jingle,” contest and submit a Jingle that best describes How Vitamin D Works” in 10 words or less! May the catchiest, correstest, sexiest jingle win! VDC’s members will vote to decide winner on November 5th.

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