About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is all over the news! One day it prevents cancer, the next it treats eczema, the third, Olympic athletes now take it, the fourth that it saved the New Zealand’s flightless parrot, the Kakapo, from extinction, and then it sometimes “cures” autism! Impossible! No prescription drug can do all that, much less a penny-a-day vitamin.

D is actually an inert cholesterol building block that your body turns into a potent steroid hormone, similar to other steroids, like testosterone and oestrogen, all of which work one simple way, they tell your genes, your DNA, what to do.

Your genes, made of DNA, direct your body, control your metabolism, run your life. For example, when you get the winter-blues, your body uses active-vitamin D, a seco-steroid hormone, to order your tryptophan hydoxylase gene to make more serotonin, just as it’s doing, at least trying to do, to 3,000 of your other genes.

When you understand how D works, messaging gene after gene: “Do this here but not there,” “do it now,” stop now,” “make more; make less!” D direct your CPU, your “Stuff of Life” to do what DNA do!

In today’s world, where most people spend the majority of their days indoors, vitamin D deficiency is now the most common common nutrient deficiency. In fact, the odds approach 100% that you or someone you loves is vitamin D deficient.

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