Vitamin D Rescues the Kukapo – from humans!

Vitamin D Rescues the Kukapo – from humans!

10/1/2018 (copyrighted)
“Imminent threat of extinction”
By John Cannell MD

The large native, nocturnal, forest-dwelling, flightless, New Zealand parrot, the Kakapo, is extinct in the wild, long ago savaged by the predators man introduced.

In the wild, they breed only when native Rimu trees fruit heavily, the preferred food both for both breeding Kukapo females and their growing chicks. Kukapos will climb 60-feet high trees to stuff themselves with Rimu berries during breeding season. But the birds have never bred in captivity, even when the zookeeper’s fed them a high calcium diet.

von Hurst PR, Moorhouse RJ, Raubenheimer D.Preferred natural food of breeding Kakapo is a high value source of calcium and vitamin D. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2015 Oct 26. pii: S0960-0760(15)30119-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2015.10.017. Review.

Knowing all the human research showing vitamin D dramatically increases both female and male fertility, Dr. Pamela Von Hurst and colleagues, well-respected vitamin D researchers all, analyzed the vitamin D content of Rimu berries. Surprise, surprise, and great news for Kukapos, Rimu berries are loaded with vitamin D.

What’s the vitamin D content of Rima fruit? So much that if humans ate as much as Kakapo chicks, who gulp down a half-pound of Rimu/day; given the vitamin D in the berries, one rapidly growing Kukapo three-pound chick gets almost 10 times more vitamin D (18,000 IU)/day than the average human adult (2,000 IU)/day! A little math shows if we ate Rimu berries like Kukapo chicks eat Rimu berries, we’d get a cool 1,000,000 IU/day, and soon die from vitamin D toxicity!

The hero of the Kukapos, Professor Pam, then measured the vitamin D levels of some parrots in zoos; their vitamin D levels were undetectable! But

no longer. Now those Kukapo sluts are fat and funny and fertile, laying Kukapo babies so fast the zookeepers can’t keep up, can’t scour Rimu trees fast enough.

Back at the zoo, Kukapos no longer eat Purina Kukapo chow; they eat what God gave them, before zookeepers and Purina and humans tried to fool Mother Nature!

Read about Dr. Cannell here, on Wikipedia.

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